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tomorrow punishment » of the « non-site law enforcement » governance mode

open-air barbecue Beijing prohibiting public places in the city and the open-air barbecue, outer suburbs also need to be delineated barbecue area, but in reality it is difficult to implement. However, compared to the environmental protection department, inspectors have the right to punish, if atmospheric Bill is passed, it will be more open-air barbecue fined basis. InterruptedChange oil vapor emissions restaurantResearchers in January of this year a very high concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing source analysis found that food sources of PM2.5 emissions accounted for 13%. Beijing is part of the catering business, through the installation of fume purification facilities, reduce oil emissions.Beijing Quanjude Group stakeholders, the group’s food and beverage companies have installed a fume purification facilities. « Quanjude passed the ISO 14001 environmental management system new balance 574 women uk
certification, this certification explicitly require

the installation of smoke purification facilities, do not install through them. »Xiangeqing Group restaurants are installed fume separator. Xiangeqing lunch Division, responsible person, it can be discharged into the oil fumes pools of oil, and the remaining water vapor vented. « When cooking fume separator must be open, » professional company maintenance once every three months. The device is installed about 40,000 yuan.In addition to large-scale catering enterprises, Beijing Institute of Technology built the cafeteria, etc. have also installed a fume nike blazers vintage uk
purification facilities.Off-site law enforcement to reduce head-on collisionOne summer, open-air barbecue in Beijing, some places will emerge, is the direct source of air pollution, but it has often encountered the owner investigated obstruct diners do not match and so on. In the future, Beijing urban management department of the open-air barbecue, food stalls and other illegal acts, will take « Tonight

 evidence, tomorrow punishment » of the « non-site law enforcement » governance mode. »Off-site enforcement » means the inspectors inform the law enforcement agencies on the basis of pre-publicity, through video, photographs, etc., the violations occurred at a time, location and other information forensics in forensics next day, when merchants consumption and less personnel, in conjunction with the environmental protection, public security, industry and commerce, street comprehensive management departments to carry out « non-site enforcement » new balance 1500 sale
punishment. « Off-site law enforcement, » punishment only when the presence of law enforcement officers and merchants, and the evidence is sufficient to reduce violent clashes with the merchants, but also improves the efficiency of law enforcement.Maliandao, several small roadside restaurant open operation, barbecue smoke filled the air, dozens of tables filled sidewalk. Recently, more than 40 law enforcement


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