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The report also said the core area of focus Gualv lake water

strictly in accordance with the time node, and promote housing vacated and relocation.The report also said the core area of ??focus Gualv lake water conservancy area (Licheng Lakes) resettlement work steadily, and as of July 30, 4549 farmers signed a housing levy resettlement compensation agreement, the total number of 96.3%, sign area of ??13,214 acres. « Licheng headquarters office person in charge, the next step will be to intensify propaganda, good for public officials, village cadres supervision, lead removal, focusing on promoting the September time node vacant housing relocation …… »Tangled relocateesMay not make up nearly million to buy food to eatLook rush to buy second-hand housing prices soaringThe earliest complete the demolition of Luo Village Baishiling community, has become a broken bricks and waste rock, smashing many scavengers in the ruins of reinforced concrete blocks to take to sell as scrap metal, nine cents a pound. »This place used to be my home, my family is behind trees, close to the new balance 576 uk
side of a mountain is a place .

….. pig » 8 end of the day, the villagers face Xiaoyun ruins south are reporters about the case of their own original house, but found Dad Mom also scavengers in the ranks. Sky, suddenly began to rain, Xiaoyun Mom and Dad put on a raincoat removed from the new balance 1500 uk
motorcycle, to continue in the hands of manual labor. This year they have over sixty years.Xiaoyun family five people, you can get 8,000 yuan a month temporary resettlement subsidy fee. Her mother Yuee say they have no family culture, the day before the half life was miserable. Rent did not, and fruit trees are cut down, farmland and vegetable collection, all the economic resources suddenly gone. « In the future will not be a better life who do not know, but have to spend money to buy rice to buy food, to move back to the house to pay management fees, water to water, that’s for sure, the money ran out how to do  « Yuee said she thought of the future, his chest to feel stuffy. She only up to the market to buy a dish and then do not buy, I feel a heart on money panic, always think to pick

the cheapest to buy.Yuee found a job washing dishes at night to help hotels, new balance 574 sale
earn 900 dollars a month, and she wanted to do it again one day. « We’re afraid that she would not let her go too hard, they hit the bars to sell to the outside. » Xiaoyun said.Are reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars to buy food for Yuee, but decisively spent 80 million to buy a second-hand smoking. « His money one day become less, prices more expensive to buy a house would not be living on the streets after the. Rob the house, because many people can not sense of security. » Xiaoyun said.Xiaoyun introduction, let Gualv lake surrounding the construction of high-end real estate prices skyrocketing, her house got demolished several houses demolition compensation can not afford another. Due to the large area of ??the village while the demolition, the same day to the home real estate advertising rates are not the same one. « It was changing, the feeling did not sell the house quickly. » April she saw a set, more than 100 square meters of new very fine house, with a


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