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Six pilot registration policy « big relaxed » will soon be implemented

officers to conduct inspections of the booth did not when a « female stall » new balance 576 sale
exclaimed prevent law enforcement officers approached the actions. Law enforcement officers difficult banned.To this end, Xicheng urban areas in the pilot and Business Guanganmenwai joint law enforcement and found that outdoor barbecue for photo evidence, forensics three times, by the business sector business license withheld, pending the rectification is completed and then released.In Dongcheng District, urban management in the investigation of the illegal spread out the food stalls, they reduced the scene confiscated furniture and other violent law enforcement. Recently, the introduction of relevant Dongcheng urban management unit « opinions », the probe via video, live video evidence to evidence. Then interviewed operators, to produce video evidence, make the punishment.With the Guangzhou commercial registration system reform started yesterday morning, the Guangzhou Nansha

 Construction Ltd, who pay tribute children from Jane, who took over the city’s deputy mayor first commercial registration licenses. Guangzhou is also the country’s first two-dimensional code printed on the business license.Yesterday, the taste « first taste of soup, » the Guangzhou Nansha CCCC Construction Co., the responsible person, the parent company had registered before and after consuming a month for a variety of documents. « The license to run down, count time communication and exchange of materials, almost a week on the line. » She said, with a business license, go to apply for tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and so is more convenient, but also did not find chaos Pay phenomenon.Commercial registration system reform is to « lower the threshold », « lenient entry Strict. » City Secretary Zhang Jianhua said that the reform will new balance 420 cheap
significantly reduce access to prior approval system, the main focus will be on the back

 door of the matter, after the supervision. Six pilot registration policy « big relaxed » will soon be implemented, Zhang Jianhua said the fight in the first half of next year to promote the city.People living in the Nansha Mr. Qin Xinfu want to open a curtain shop, more than yesterday, 9:00, came to the town of Nansha District Huangge Industry and Commerce for a business license, less than half an new balance 373 sale
hour, on the run all the examination and approval procedures, to get to Guangzhou City, the first individual industrial and commercial households and commercial business license registration.It is reported that the Nansha District in Guangzhou City, six pilot areas, is the only one in the region to 803 square kilometers within the full implementation of the new policy of commercial


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