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scope of open-air barbecue banAccording to experts

scope of open-air barbecue banAccording to experts, catering fumes caused by volatile organic compounds also many restaurants and open-air barbecue soot particles emitted directly but also quite a lot.According to decomposition of tasks, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the district and county governments have the responsibility to urge catering companies and canteens installation of high efficiency fume purification facilities, discharge standards, regular cleaning of the flue, fume purification facilities to ensure that not less than 95% of normal usage. In addition, the need to organize an annual special enforcement action to crack down on operating catering and other illegal sewage fumes straight row behavior.In addition, there is a decomposition of the task to « ban outdoor barbecue and other illegal » and demanded the end of this year, the suburban districts and counties in the region designated by the government banned a range of open-air barbecue. Concentrate per year to carry out special rectification action, and resolutely open-air barbecue remediation, waste and straw burning and other illegal activities, illegal street straighten nike blazers vintage cheap
reduce « street pollution », responsible for

 urban management departments and units of district and county governments. new balance 999 uk
Wang Chunlin said the food and beverage industry is a commercial service, volatile organic sewage charges will be levied for the hospitality industry, is currently still in the research process. doubtsWhy sewage costs to be higher For the cost of sewage pollution control costs no less than the principle of Wang Chunlin explained that in order to promote businesses will spend on pollution control, « such as my one kilogram of sulfur dioxide emissions, sewage charges to pay 1 yuan, 2 yuan governance requires that companies certainly more willing to pay these charges and do not want to govern, if the sewage charges to 2 yuan, the enterprise is willing governed. « Currently, Beijing has been in waste water, emissions and noise emissions and other aspects of the enterprise carried out charges, based on a previously developed countries with lower standards.Wang Chunlin said that in recent years the process of governance in the atmosphere, a lot of companies on environmental

 protection facilities, treatment results were better. In this way, companies spent more than the cost of sewage pollution costs. To further urge enterprises to pollution, the EPA plans this year to raise the standard of sewage charges, making it higher than the cost of corporate pollution.Beijing News reporter Kim YuOpen-air barbecue operational penalties do In consideration of the Municipal People’s Congress this year, « Beijing Air Pollution Prevention Regulations (draft) », there has been a ban in public places within the city open-air barbecue, or a maximum fine of nike blazer low buy
20,000 yuan.However, environmentalists said that regulate food soot emissions and banning open grill in its implementation difficult. For the food and beverage industry, Hotels all over the city throughout minimal manpower alone to supervise the environmental protection department Hotels install smoke purification facilities, and to protect its high usage is quite difficult to do. In addition, the environmental protection departments have not punishment, but only by a few times a year to engage in special operations, it is difficult to really implement this provision down.The source said there early for


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