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appalling housing must sixty-seven of thousands

garden, a look at more than 60 million asking price, not willing. « Wait until June, appalling housing must sixty-seven of thousands. July, when they rose, my mother could not, 800,000 to buy a set. Bought a house, a little peace of mind. »Southern reporter visited the city Zengcheng Licheng six real estate companies, they both said, Zengcheng fast rising prices in recent months, rents almost doubled. Real Estate Agency Ltd. Guangzhou Pleasant home staff presentation, the entire house Zengcheng shortage, Licheng per square meter rose from 500 to 1,000 yuan new balance 996 women
per month. Lake Country Garden located Gualv Verde Yishoufang is now 8,300 yuan per square meter, two in March before the price is only 5000-6000 yuan. In addition, the average monthly Licheng previously sold a total of more than 1000 suites, most recently two months Total 10,000 sets, « 90% to buy a house are evicted. » Relocatees push up prices of argument, several other real estate agents to get the recognition.Under the new five-year Clean Air Action Plan focused task decomposition, Beijing will increase sewage charges both pollutants, volatile organic compounds will be next year for sewage charges. In addition, the decomposition of the task requires catering

 companies and canteens fume purification facilities of not less than 95% of normal usage, suburban districts and counties also need to delimit the scope of prohibited outdoor barbecue.??This year plans to reduce 8,000 tons of volatile organic compoundsOnce again, a new decomposition of tasks to improve the company’s sewage costs. Upon request, this year will be no less than the cost of sewage pollution in accordance with the principle of cost adjustment of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions charges, plans to reduce 8,000 tons of new balance 373 women
volatile organic compounds. Next year will be volatile organic compounds into the scope of pollution charges, sewage charges for the first time the introduction of volatile organic compounds.VOCs are with the thousands of substances collectively, there are hundreds of species common. According to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Director Wang Chunlin introduce anti-pollution, volatile organic compounds throughout the production and living areas, factory floor

coatings, adhesives, paint, coating, printing ink, etc., will produce volatile new balance 420 womens
organic compounds; life, such as the use hairspray , home decoration, volatile organic compounds also abound.However, for the life of volatile organic compounds is difficult to charge. Wang Chunlin said that at present considered mainly for the production process emissions of volatile organic compounds levied sewage charges, such as the production of automobile enterprises, the use of paint workshop and so on. Vehicle emissions of volatile organic compounds, it is possible in the future through environmental taxes and other ways to incorporate it into them.According to decomposition of tasks, Yanshan Petrochemical Company shall implement a comprehensive pollution control projects. 2017, Yanshan concentrations of volatile organic compounds in the air is expected to decline 30 percent over 2012. Automobile manufacturing, packaging, printing, furniture manufacturing, machinery and electronics and other key industries to reduce by about 10% per year of volatile organic compounds, to 2017, emissions of volatile organic compounds must be less than 2012 cumulative reduction of about 50%.Before the end of suburban districts and counties need to delimit the


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