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Six pilot registration policy « big relaxed » will soon be implemented

officers to conduct inspections of the booth did not when a « female stall » new balance 576 sale exclaimed prevent law enforcement officers approached the actions. Law enforcement officers difficult banned.To this end, Xicheng urban areas in the pilot and Business Guanganmenwai joint law enforcement and found that outdoor barbecue for photo evidence, forensics three times, […]

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tomorrow punishment » of the « non-site law enforcement » governance mode

open-air barbecue Beijing prohibiting public places in the city and the open-air barbecue, outer suburbs also need to be delineated barbecue area, but in reality it is difficult to implement. However, compared to the environmental protection department, inspectors have the right to punish, if atmospheric Bill is passed, it will be more open-air barbecue fined […]

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scope of open-air barbecue banAccording to experts

scope of open-air barbecue banAccording to experts, catering fumes caused by volatile organic compounds also many restaurants and open-air barbecue soot particles emitted directly but also quite a lot.According to decomposition of tasks, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the district and county governments have the responsibility to urge catering companies and canteens installation of high […]

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appalling housing must sixty-seven of thousands

garden, a look at more than 60 million asking price, not willing. « Wait until June, appalling housing must sixty-seven of thousands. July, when they rose, my mother could not, 800,000 to buy a set. Bought a house, a little peace of mind. »Southern reporter visited the city Zengcheng Licheng six real estate companies, they both said, […]

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The report also said the core area of focus Gualv lake water

strictly in accordance with the time node, and promote housing vacated and relocation.The report also said the core area of ??focus Gualv lake water conservancy area (Licheng Lakes) resettlement work steadily, and as of July 30, 4549 farmers signed a housing levy resettlement compensation agreement, the total number of 96.3%, sign area of ??13,214 acres. […]

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